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2016 Crystal Apple Winners

Union School District is proud to announce our Crystal Apple Award winners for 2016: Julie Thurston and Levon Baremore! The winners were recognized in a ceremony in La Grande. Please join us in congratulating these great Union School District employees!

Levon and Julie create delicious, healthy and appetizing meals in the school kitchen every day for Union students – they and their team are praised daily by students and staff. They make everyone’s day more special through their accomplishments and attitude. Breakfast and lunch times are the highlight of many students, staff and even parents who come to share a meal with their child. This year, Levon and Julie have gone the extra mile to serve more than 40 people attending parenting classes for the Union community. The Union School District is unbelievably fortunate to have Levon and Julie!

Levon Baremore is the Head Cook for Union School District and has worked in the district for 15 years.

Julie Thurston is the Assistant Cook for Union schools, working for 11 years in the district.


Varsity Jackets

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